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You can get started with mediation today and will know very quickly if your dispute can be resolved.  An experienced Mediator can greatly assist in resolving conflict much faster and cheaper than a lengthy court battle. Call now to discuss your pre-mediation process and give yourself the best opportunity to resolve the issues quickly and cost effectively.

If you are experiencing conflict in your home or workplace call us today to book in for a pre-mediation session to get the mediation process started.

Training Services

We run workshops and in house training throughout Australia. Our training menu has a wide range of training courses available in mediation, business, interpersonal communication and related skills. You can even talk to us about designing a customised training  program for your spesific needs.

If you believe that you or your staff lack skills in effective communication, problem solving or dispute resolution or would like to become a dispute resolution professional find out how we can help.

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Dispute Resolution Consulting

Building a high performance workplace means putting in place strategies to resolve conflict quickly and appropriately. Separate the genuine from those taking advantage with workplace investigations and effective grievance procedures. We help design, review and improve your dispute resolution systems and processes.

If you have high staff turnover, unhappy customers or maybe you feel like your workplace is a constant battle with work colleagues, call now to find out how we can help.

Pod Cast and Videos

Episode 1. Types of Conflict and Confict Styles with Colin Andrew and Malcolm Guy
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Family Law Legal Advice

Family Law Legal Advice Legal Advice is important so that you know your legal rights and obligations and can be prepared for mediation.  This service is ideal for preparing for family dispute resolution mediation, during or after family dispute resolution...
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Now seeing clients in our Bentleigh East office

Mediation Institute has recently established the Mediation Center on Centre Road in Bentleigh East. Taking advantage of the benefits of a central location and free suburban parking the Mediation Centre is the next logical step in Mediation Institute's expansion from...
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Mediation Centre can help you to resolve your dispute or conflict with the help of an independent professional mediator. Mediation allows you to discuss both sides of the issues, consider alternatives and reach a mutually agreed solution all in a safe and supportive environment. Click  to find out how Mediation can help you.

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Mediation Centre provides a wide range of mediation and dispute resolution training options as well as more general courses focused on interpersonal communication, collaboration and business. Come to a workshop or contact us about a customised program for your business.

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Workplace dispute resolutionConsulting

Our consultants are all dispute resolution professionals and can help you to turn your organisation from a war zone into a place where the people who work with you are empowered and collaborating towards a common vision. Sound’s unrealistic? Find out about any high performing workplace and you’ll see that they have strategies in place to transform conflict into growth. We can help.

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Joanne is the driving force behind the Mediation Institute. She has a passion and a mission to reduce conflict in the world by training and equipping her students and the mediation sector to be excellent and effective.

Too often, accreditation can be focussed on undertaking the minimum to “tick the boxes”. I love the fact that Joanne & MI care about providing whatever it takes to prepare mediators to help their clients, to be ethical in everything they do, and to lift the professional standing and quality of the sector.

Peter Adams

CCP and NMAS Accredited Mediator, Peter Adams Consulting Services

Joanne always goes the extra mile for those she works with, is dedicated, persistent and focused on achieving the best possible outcomes. She is never afraid to call things as they are but does so with great tact and diplomacy.

Robert Williams

Voice and Speech Coach, Trainer, Writer and Speaker, Clearly Talking

Joanne has a genuine passion for working with people to build their capacity to run their businesses.
She has a flair for helping people embed sustainable and workable solutions in their workplaces.
I find her warm and insightful – a perfect combination for being the “guide beside” – not the “sage on a stage”.

Judith Alcorn

Biodiversity Coordinator , University of Melbourne

Jo has expert business knowledge and experience as well as top coaching skills which make her a great asset to any business.

Kate Stephens

Presenter, Event Manager and Company Director, A2K Media

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