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Negative Competition

Competition in sport or when you’re playing games is great.  When your staff compete against each other at the expense of customers and the organisation we call that Negative Competition. It blocks respect for and consideration of the needs of anyone else and is deadly to teamwork.

Collaboration is a much more effective strategy to achieve outstanding results.

The Danger of Conflict

Like a volcano conflict can rumble along underground for a period of time, causing unease and uncertainty in the workplace.

If the issues are not allowed to be aired and options for resolution considered the dispute can escalate into heated conflict and abuse.

Ignore the employee grievances at your peril.

Resolving disputes makes sense

In business a “volcano” blow might be the loss of a valued employee, a work cover claim or lost time and productivity because of the conflict. In some situations the conflict can continue to escalate into violence or harm to the mental health of employees.

An effective dispute resolution system can help to identify and resolve discontent early and build a culture of trust and respect.

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Creating a culture of Collaboration

Collaboration has been described as “the action of working with someone to produce something”. 

Every workplace requires collaboration. The goal of any leadership team must be to support effective collaboration and avoid destructive competition. 

You want your people to work together towards the common goal of delivering your services to your customers, identifying and resolving problems and innovating where opportunities to improve exist.

Not too much to ask, is it?

It is when you have staff that won’t talk to each other due to unresolved conflict. 

Or staff members bullying others and preventing them from feeling safe to raise concerns and issues that are affecting your business and your customers. 

Culture is the shared assumptions, beliefs, values and the written and unwritten rules that goven people’s behavour in an organisation. Culture is the lived experience of people working for you and it impacts your customers experience of your organisation.

Do you need some help to improve the culutre in your organisation?  

Making sure that your complaints handling system is working effectively is a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of any problems there may be. 


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