Family Law Legal Advice

Legal Advice is important so that you know your legal rights and obligations and can be prepared for mediation.  This service is ideal for preparing for family dispute resolution mediation, during or after family dispute resolution mediation and when you are considering your options if mediation is not appropriate or has failed.

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Legal Advice

Live in person sessions

Meet with the family lawyer at our Bentleigh East Mi Mediation Centre to discuss your family law parenting and property issues.

Key Elements

Plently of time to discuss the key elments of your case, what your alsternatives are and to develop an action plan to move forward with resolving the issues.

Targeted Approach

Download our Legal Advice Preparation Form to be prepared and increase the accuracy of the advice you get. Lawyers can’t answer the questions you don’t ask and can’t read your mind.


Legal strategy sessions are about much more than what the legislation says about your situation. It is also about the cost / benefit of proceeding.