Professional Mediation

Mediation is a unique process for resolving any type of conflict. Our skilled mediators can help you and the person you are in conflict with to respectfully listen, communicate and negotiate using an interests based approach and looking for a win / win outcome.

Disagreements don’t have to turn into battles.  With the right help they can be resolved and a reasonable relationship re-established.

Seeing things from others perspective.

Services near and far

Video and phone mediation and negotiation services are also available.

If you are too far apart or there are safety concerns there are still options available.

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Key to Resolving Conflict

Do you know what the key to resolving conflict is?

It’s communication. Communication is the first casualty of disagreements and it is the key to resolving the problems, disputes and conflict that arise from unresolved disagreements.

Target the Problem

Mediation is future focused and targeted on identifying, understanding and resolving problems in any type of relationship.

If you can’t work out to resolve a personal, workplace or business relationship give us a call. We just might be able to help.



Mediation is a confidential process and that is really, really important because it means you can consider options, make proposals and even trial solutions without becoming locked in.

The mediator won’t release information you give them unless you give your permission or they have a duty of care towards you or someone else.

Get started. Book a Pre-Mediation Session

Pre-Mediation is the first step in the mediation process. It is a private and confidential meeting to discuss your situation, determine if mediation is safe and appropriate and what style of mediation may be best for your situation.

If the other party refuses to participate in FDR or the mediator determines that it is unsuitable then they will issue a Section 60i Certificate at no extra cost. These certificates are only required for FDR Parenting issues.

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Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation Centre Family Dispute Resolution Services are for anyone who has conflict with someone in their family.

Relationship FDR – for when you have an issue you can’t resolve in your relationship

Parenting or Property FDR – for people who are separating or divorcing and need to reach agreement about the ongoing care of children and/or property settlements.

FDR Parenting Check Up’s – for when you feel that your family is outgrowing the current parenting agreement, parenting plan or parenting orders but things are still too tense to sit down and re-negotiate parenting without professional assistance.

Other services for extended families and adult children are also available.

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Workplace Mediation

We call any mediation in places where people work, workplace mediation.

Employee Mediation – mediation between people who work for the same organisation.

Business 2 Business Mediation (B2B) – B2B mediation is any mediation between organisations including contractors, business partnership conflict and other business related disputes.

Commercial Mediation – Commercial mediation is the category we use for all business to consumer disputes. RTO disputes with students, patients with hospitals and other simpliar disputes come under this category

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Got a different type of dispute or conflict you need help with?

Call us for a confidential discussion about your situation. If we can’t help you we will try to refer you to someone who can.

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