Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

This form of mediation is a specialist process facilitated by qualified and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. You should only participate in mediation about post-separation parenting and post-separation financial matters with a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.


We are often asked “What are the benefits of Family Dispute Resolution compared to getting a lawyer?”

The biggest benefits by far are the speed to resolve issues, the cost is a fraction of what going to court costs and communication.

In Family Dispute Resolution you are communicating directly so that misunderstandings and assumptions can be cleared up and you are both working with the facts rather than just your own perspective.

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At Mi Mediation Centre your mediation process always begins with an individual pre-mediation session with a mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to determine if Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution is appropriate.

If you and the mediator or FDR Practitioner decide after being informed about the process that it is OK to proceed they will help you to prepare for the mediation session.

Mi Mediation Centre Process


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Our services are means tested.

If you earn above $50,000 gross you will be on our full fee service.

If you earn less than $50,000 you will be eligible for the Interact Support subsidised not-for-profit services

If you are on a health care card you will be eligible for the pro-bono service. The service has a low service fee and the mediators work without payment. This service is only available by video mediation. 

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