NMAS Mediator Accreditation Course

for solicitors and barristers


ADR Training for lawyers

This NMAS Mediator Accreditation course has been expanded by Mediation Institute to meet the specific professional development needs of solicitors and barristers interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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Professional Skills

The NMAS Mediation course contains thirty five (35) CPD units plus an additional two (2) CPD unit course on Negotiation skills.

Learn how to professionally facilitate mediation and collaborative (interests based) negotiation as a legal professional.

Ethics and professional responsibility

The NMAS Mediation course contains a) CPD unit on the Ethical requirements for Lawyer Mediators plus an additional CPD unit course on Practical Ethical Challenges for Lawyer Mediators.

Practice management and business skills

The NMAS Mediation course contains an additional two (2) courses on practice management and business skills. Preparing your Mediation Practice Documents (1 CPD unit) and Marketing your Mediation Practice (1 CPD unit)

Substantive Law

The NMAS Mediation course contains an additional two (2) courses on Substantive Law.  Mediation and the Family Law Act 1975 (1 CPD unit) and Mediators in Civil and Administrative settings. (1 CPD unit)

Mediation and Negotiation

Learn the difference between facilitating mediation as an independent third party and negotiating as an advocate in your role as a lawyer.

Explore what it means to offer Evaluative Mediation and how to avoid ethical dilemmas when providing legal advice to both parties.

Find out the fundamental differences in approach between Positional and Collaborative Negotiation approaches and when each is most appropriate.

Watch the video to see a master negotiator at work.

NMAS Accrediation

Training Only (Not Including Assessment)
  • Includes training to NMAS Accrediation standards.

NMAS Assessment

Assessment Only (not including Training)
  • 90 minute assessment role play in accordance with MSB standards for NMAS Accreditation Assessment.


$98 per CPD unit
  • 1 or 2 hour CPD courses.
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The course leads to National Mediator Accreditation under the MSB National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)  It includes training in mediation and negotiation as well as additional CPD in Ethics, Practice Management and Business skills and substantive law.

Professional Skills

The NMAS course contains 40 hours of training in the professional skills of mediation and negotiation.


In addition to the ethics training included in the basic course you will get an additional hour long course on

  • Ethical Challenges for Lawyer Mediators. 

Practice Management and Business Skills

Access two CPD courses:

  • Preparing your Mediation Practice Documents
  • Marketing your Mediation Practice

Sustantive Law


Access two CPD Courses:

  • Mediation and the Family Law Act
  • Mediators in Civil and Administrative Settings


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